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Pharmacy Orders Is...

  • The Platform +

    is designed primarily to bring all your turnover products that you order from suppliers outside of your wholesaler into one easy to access point. Your deals will be set by suppliers and when you log in you will be able to search for these products easily and place an order online directly to the supplier of choice. Groups will also be tagged by suppliers and deals reflected as agreed to by suppliers as well.
  • Now Imagine +

    Now imagine the ease of trying to source a product by simply typing in the product name or category and having all the products come up with supplier details, cost of goods, freight costs, delivery time frame and deals that have been negotiated by you or your buyer and simply processing the order then and there. This will now be reality, anything you can’t source from your wholesaler can now be found on our “pharmacy orders” platform. Your staff will never look phased again, and this gives you peace of mind that deals set up between supplier and yourself or your group will never be missed again!
  • As A Supplier +

    , “Pharmacy orders” is the only platform which gives suppliers an ability to reach out to a majority of pharmacies in Australia. Suppliers are now able to showcase their product range, communicate their special deals, introduce their new lines and have orders transmitted to them from thousands of pharmacies on one platform. This means, once your staffs have introduced your range, you can be sure that pharmacies can find it much easier to do “top up orders” and pharmacies can see when you have promotions on. Your staff will never need to carry around an order pad again, they can help place orders online in store or better still work on training and relationships in store.
  • It's Easy To Use +

    Suppliers can upload their product range to the pharmacy orders platform using our very easy to use product uploading system which simply details all questions a pharmacy buyer would normally ask, through a secure login which comes with the same level of security features that leading banks in Australia use.
  • Product Information +

    All product details on the platform simply come on a single page document with answers to all questions you would normally ask as a pharmacy buyer in order to take an ordering decision. Once you have decided, you can order from multiple suppliers on the one sheet, simple and easy… it’s just a click away. Your orders will then be actioned and communicated to respective suppliers separately.
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Who are we?

Pharmacy Orders is a platform where pharmacy owners and buyers can efficiently discover, view, pick and finally order products from among hundreds of different suppliers, brands and categories any time of the day or night, all in one place; no matter which state or which country the suppliers are located.

What We Do

Pharmacy Orders brings together the best in local and global suppliers with Pharmacies throughout Australia. See how we can help your business today.


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